2-Day Workshop - Build Your First Campaign with a Mentor


February 22 -23, 2018


February 26 -27, 2018

March 26, 2018


March 1 -2, 2018


March 12 - 13 2018


March 15 - 16, 2018

Why Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is the #1 lead generation platform on the planet today, but unfortunately Facebook does not provide businesses with a clear step by step path to successfully launch their first campaign.

Program Outline​

Pillar One



Perfect Prospect

To run a successful campaign you need to identify who your Perfect Prospect is so you can identify their hot buttons and write ads that get their attention


Audience Auditor

Once you have identified your Perfect Prospect, then next step is to find them on Facebook. In this module we cover interest targeting and custom audiences


The Ultimate Offer

The key to Facebook is to promote one product to one prospect with one problem. Crafting an attractive offer is key to success on Facebook. In this module you will learn how

Pillar Two



The Ad Architecture

Each Facebook Ad is made up of the copy, the image and the offer. An ad with a high conversion rate articulates the prospects problem and describes a solution. In this module we share simple templates to create the perfect ad copy, image and message


The Triple Tech Stack

Running a Facebook Ad requires a landing page on your website, Facebook setup and integration between the two. In this module we show a simple step by step guide to get it done. Even a technophobes find it easy


Conversion Campaign

Finally, you are ready to setup your Facebook Ads campaign. We provide you with a holistic step by step guide to setup your campaign exactly how Facebook recommends.

Pillar Three



Improvement Identifiers

Facebook provides one of the most comprehensive reporting platforms. This information will help you understand how well your campaign is going. In this module we show you how to create simple reports to understand how your campaign is performing


Kaizen Ritual

In this module we show you how to optimise your campaign to increase your ROI every week based on the data you get back from Facebook. Whether you need to make changes to the landing page, the ad, the targeting or the offer, you will know which change to make and when


Retargeting Roadmap

The holy grail of Facebook Ads is retargeting and building a funnel. In this module we should you how to build a simple funnel to show ads to people who have already interacted with your ads, but have not purchased to date.

Program Breakdown

2 Day Live Workshop

  • You will spend two days with one of Australia's leading Facebook Ads Consultants in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane
  • During the two days you will learn the theory and build out your first Facebook Ads campaign

4 X Weekly Coaching Calls

  • You will receive 3 live group coaching calls with Marlon after the event over a Zoom.us meeting
  • You will be able to ask questions and get help when you are having problems
  • You will learn faster as you see Marlon solve the other students problems

Video Training

  • You will receive access to a membership site where you will receive videos every week with detailed instructions on how to build the campaign.
  • You will have access to the videos for 12 months you can go back and review at any time.


  • You will be provided with worksheets we call frameworks we use in our business when building Facebook Ad campaigns for our clients
  • The frameworks are designed for you to create the best copy, images, strategies, ebooks, landing pages etc with the least amount of expert knowledge and effort

Private Facebook Group

  • You be added the private Facebook group for the duration of the 8 weeks after the workshop
  • The group is where you have your questions answered in between coaching calls and have access to Marlon
  • You will be able to network with other students who are on the same journey


  • We share all our tools we use in the agency with you
  • You are provided with 6 months access to our landing page builder Pages.li worth $US49 per month
  • You are also provided with our ebook template so you can create a professional ebook quickly and inexpensively

Who is this for

This course if for people at a beginner to intermediate level at Facebook Ads. If you are a business owner, marketing consultant or marketing professional within a marketing team and want to learn best practices on how to run Facebook Ad campaign that deliver sales then this course if perfect for you. The course is hands on so you will be using our frameworks to write your ad copy, create the images and setup the Facebook Ad campaigns. We teach you step by step with lots of support, so don’t worry if you are new to Facebook Ads, but you need to be confident in basic computer and internet skills.


As this is a hand on course you will require: You will be required to bring your own laptop and power supply Have your own Facebook Ads account and Facebook Page setup before the workshop. We will send you videos on how to set these up beforehand
"It's a step by step process we've used to consistently make sales online and grow
our client's businesses week after week."
Marlon Marescia
Facebook Bootcamp Trainer

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February 22 -23

9:00 - 5:00pm

$1,500 + GST

215 Adelaide St Brisbane


February 26 - 28
March 26, 2018

9:00 - 5:00pm

$1,500 + GST

123 Queen St Melbourne


March 1-2

9:00 - 5:00pm

$1,500 + GST

111 Harrington St The Rocks


March 12 - 13

9:00 - 5:00pm

$1,500 + GST

111 Harrington St The Rocks


March 15-16

9:00 - 5:00pm

$1,500 + GST

111 Harrington St The Rocks

Still Have Questions?

The bootcamp will be starting on Monday 4th December. This is the day you will receive your first videos​

No. This offer is strictly available for a limited time. The strategy session with Marlon is only available for those who signup on the night at the Facebook Marketing Meetup​

It depends on how quickly you want results. Facebook Ads will work on a small budget of $10/day and a larger budget of $100 per day. You just get your results 10X faster with the larger budget of $100 per day​

After you submit your order, we will contact you to add your to the membership site, the Facebook Group and create your Pages.li account.​

There are very few industries Facebook Ads are not effective in. As long as you’re selling something to people, this will work for you.​

Part of the success of Facebook Ads Bootcamp™ is in the action-focused community and accountability. As a member of this community, you will be expected to engage, add value and pull your weight. Your community is here to support you, to keep you from getting distracted, to give you feedback and advice, and ultimately to help you succeed. 

We will take you step by step through the process. If you are not good at technology then this is the best place to get up to speed. It may take you longer but the journey will leave you empowered​

If you are not happy with the program in the first 30 days, then we will refund your money in full.

If you have existing software in place for your business, then these costs will vary.

For hosting your landing page you can our landing page builder Pages.li for free for 6 months. You can also use LeadPages or Clickfunnels but they have a cost.

You can use the free version of Canva to create your Facebook Ad images.

You can use Mailchimp to capture your prospects contact details when they download the ebook. This is free for under 2000 subscriber. We recommend ActiveCampaign which starts at US$9 per month.

Your membership in the Facebook Ads Bootcamp™ and community lasts for a full 8 weeks from the time you join. In that time, you will host 8 live group coaching webinars and see how powerful it is to consistently improve ONE Facebook ads campaign. Past the 8 weeks, you will keep access to the video trainings for 1 full year. If you would like to continue in our Facebook Ads Bootcamp Facebook group and have access to the weekly workshop calls, you keep your membership for $97/mo for as long as you’d like. We’re here to support you for the long run