Online Marketing Not Working? This Is Why

Are you updating social media, writing blog posts, creating videos and putting in lots of effort, but getting no return on your online marketing efforts?

Most business owners find that online marketing can become a labour of love but give you no love back.

I know how this feels.

As the sales and marketing manager of a Microsoft partner, I spent 12 years trying to generate and close leads online.

For the first eight years, like most of you, I failed.

I couldn’t get online to become a legitimate source of quality leads.

I couldn’t blame the marketing department for poor quality leads, because I ran that team.

I couldn’t blame the sales department for not closing the leads, because I also ran that team.

I was stuck, frustrated and almost ready to give up on online marketing.

But luckily I didn’t.

I should have given up, but something inside of me believed that if I got it right, it would transform the growth of the business.

I realised that if I want to generate leads in a scalable and automated way online marketing was my best bet.

Eventually, I cracked the code, and I went from zero to hero.

The leads started to flow in, and we were converting them into high paying clients.

I was getting high fives from everyone in the business and the greater Microsoft community.

I was on top of the world.

Yes, I figured it out, but the answer was not what I expected.

I was being told by the gurus to do more, work harder, be everywhere, use their latest and greatest tactic and trick and online marketing will work for me.

But what I did was the opposite.

I did less, worked less and focused on one thing at a time.

The leads started to flow in, and new clients started to flow.

The two most significant changes I made were:

Become great at one thing

I stopped believing the hype that we had to do it all. Blogging, youtube videos, SEO, paid advertising, social media updates and the list goes on and on.

I had a marketing team working for me, but they were working on so many marketing tactics that they never had a chance to become awesome at any one of them.

This is one of the top reasons you are not seeing the success you need around online marketing.

You need to do less to become successful in one strategy at a time.

When you know you can consistently put $1 in and get $3, $5, or $10 our of that marketing strategy, only then should you move on to the next.

Focus on the right things

I cut out all the long-term strategies for a period of time and focused on the approach that could generate leads within a week.

There are so many marketing strategies out there which take too long to give a return.

Blogging, SEO, Youtube, social media updates, partnerships and content marketing are all important for a well-rounded marketing strategy, but these are all long-term strategies.

If you only focus on these then your success will always be distant.

If you are going to do less, you better choose a strategy that will give you leads quickly.

Choosing a dud strategy is just as dangerous as doing too much.

What you need to do is start with a strategy that delivers leads in the first week, not months or years.

If you want to know the strategy I used to get leads within a week then you can watch a video at

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