Is Your Website A White Elephant?

Is your website a white elephant?

White elephant websites lose their businesses $10,000s and even $100,000s every year because of missed opportunity.

A white elephant is a possession that is useless, troublesome and expensive to maintain.

Does that sound like your website?

If your website doesn’t give you a consistent flow of new leads every week, then you have yourself a white elephant.

If you are not able to convert those leads into high paying clients, then that white elephant is doing some severe damage in your china shop.

You see, the opposite of a white elephant website is a Sales Driven Website.

A Sales Driven Websites will be an integral part of your businesses growth machine and will scoop up hungry prospects looking to buy your products or services.

They work overtime, 24 hours a day scouring the internet for your perfect prospects.

They then capture their details and turn them into hungry buyers ready for your sales team to convert into raving fans.

If you’re struggling to attract new prospects, not sure of where the next lead is coming from and can’t see a clear path to achieve your growth goals, then you need a Sales Driven Website.

Why, because winning new clients online is the most scalable and cost-effective marketing method around today.

And your website is the foundation of your whole online strategy.

The three major components of a Sales Driven Website are:

1.The Platform

Websites should be sales funnels not sales brochures. A sales funnel is a series of website pages that draw a prospect towards a buying decision capturing their details so they can be followed up.

2. The Traffic

Without new visitors coming to your website, the platform is still useless. Create a consistent flow of high-quality prospects to your site is like adding high powered fuel to your sales engine.

3. The Follow Up

Once you’ve captured the contact details of your perfect prospects, you need to follow them up using automation until they are ready to become clients.

Does your website have these three components?

If not you have a white elephant, and you need to change that fast because every day your white elephant exists you are missing out on new clients.

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