Your Web Designer Has Lied To You

Remember when you had your website designed. You called your web designer and told them you want a site to help you grow your business.

They looked you squarely in the eyes, and they told you “I know exactly what you need!”

Trust me, I’m a web designer,” they said. “I’ve built over 200 websites over the last five years they said.

So you listened to them.

They told you, “What you need is a beautiful website, people love beautiful websites.

They told you, “If you build it (the website) they (the prospects) will come.

They told you. “My (the web designers) success will be measured by how good your new site looks and all the latest tech I cram into it”. You didn’t know better, so you agreed.

They told you, “Your new website will bring in new clients.

Well, they were wrong.

You have their static brochure website. But you also have no traffic, no leads and no new clients.

In fact, everything they told you was wrong.

NO, beautiful design is not what you NEED to grow your business. Yes, it is a nice to have but not a must-have. Look at the recently Google’s homepage. It’s not beautiful, but it is very effective.

NO, if you build it, they won’t come.

You have to work pretty hard to get people to visit your website. Merely having a site doesn’t ensure you will get lots of visitors.

You have probably realised this the hard way.

NO, you should never measure a web designers success by how beautiful the site looks. That’s so 1990’s. This is 2018 and today a website’s success is measured by how many leads and sales it generates.

And finally, NO, a static brochure website is not going to bring in new clients. What you need is a website designed around a sales funnel that draws in new prospects, captures their details and then converts them into clients using automation.

To watch a video on how to structure a Sales Driven website go to

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